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I’ve wanted to take a Pure Barre class since I read Camila Alves swears by this workout, so of course you know I had to try it, so I did! I showed up to my first Pure Barre class at the 205 Altara Ave. Miami Fl 33146 and what an experience!



As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a friendly associate! I reached into my purse for my socks (needed for the workout) I swore I packed them but quickly realized they never made it into my purse! Oh no! But no worries, PB had my back. Socks are available for purchase. What a relief! As I entered the (ballet) studio the faint sound of Beyonce was playing in the background. Quickly I was instructed to get a ball, weights, and resistance bands. Immediately thereafter, Jessica the instructor, came in, cranked up the Queen B compilation, and we began our workout! Did you know? Pure Barre is the fastest, most-effective way to change the shape of your body. Set to fun, motivating music, Pure Barre workouts incorporate small, isometric movements at the ballet barre to burn fat, lift your seat, taper your waistline, and tone your thighs, abs and arms. Although it’s an intense, athletic workout, Pure Barre is for everyone. As long as you can hold onto the ballet barre, you can participate. Pure Barre does not incorporate any overly fast, explosive or large movements, which can negatively impact your joints. It can be done by women of all ages, fitness and skill levels. Plus, it can be done every day of the week and throughout pregnancy as well. Clients see results in just 10 classes, lose inches in weeks and have fun doing it! I workout frequently but never experienced such an amazing feeling! Within minutes I felt change happening! It never got boring or predictable, time went by quickly and class was finished, the feeling of empowerment, accomplishment, and gratification I felt was off the charts! I felt the muscle toningand what a feeling of sexy! Jessica is a great instructor; adored by her students, really drove us to our fullest potential, always ensuring good form to avoid any injuries, motivating, and praising personably throughout the whole workout it was uplifting! I recommend this to all the women who WANT to transform their bodies, feel healthy, fit, with more energy, and feel great in their skin! Make sure you attend a class at Pure Barre to find locations, class schedule, and instructors visit PureBarre.com. Jessica’s Bio: Jessica was inspired by the art of dance after joining a professional dance company in Florida. There she trained and learn various dance styles and endured intense physical fitness conditioning.


She has competed and performed all around the U.S. and internationally in places like San Diego, Miami, and Switzerland. Some of her most cherished experiences include performing at the MTV Video Music awards, dancing for the Orlando Magic, appearing in choreographed music videos, and live concert performances. Upon graduating from the University of Florida, with her Bachelors in Business, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina for an opportunity to pursue her professional career goals. While working as a Project Manager for a large global product safety and environmental sustainability organization, Jessica continued to follow her passion for dance and fitness. Looking to share her talents she discovered Pure Barre, and became an instructor. Now, Jessica is excited to bring the Pure Barre technique to Miami and looks forward to helping women find a new confidence in themselves and their bodies. By Katia Sandoval, Founder of Luv Ya

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