Jojoba Organic Pre Shave Oil

Happy Father’s Day!

Do the Dads in your life look like characters from Duck Dynasty? Want them to shave? Men are finally realizing that spa products aren’t just for women so Gift Him! Luv Ya’s Preshave Oil is an excellent gift which he will Luv Ya for, and the better news is you can use it when he’s not looking! Shh….

For a limited time only! Try this Botanical Pre-Shave oil and drench those hairs with Organic Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Rosehip oils to deliver nutrition while providing protection, Carrot tissue oil to promote cell renewal and healing, Clove Leaf oil to numb the hair follicle and reduce pain and Azulene which soothes irritated inflamed skin. It’s a shaving bliss!

Special offer: With every purchase of the Pre-Shave Oil $32 you receive an ingrown treatment sample pouch (while supplies last).

A Perfect Shave:

Step 1: Prep.

This step is the most important and overlooked part of the shaving process. A good prep cleanses the skin, opens the pores, and softens the skin. To prepare the skin for a smooth shave, always shave after or at the end of a hot shower. This will soften the hair follicles and open the pores. In a pinch, a wet hot towel can be used.

Step 2: Shave.

Two of the leading causes of ingrown hairs and razor burn are poor lubrication and dull blades.

Use proper lubrication. Luv Ya’s Pre-Shave oil, is used to soften the hair follicles and reduce dragging of the razor while providing a luxurious shave. When applying work it in a circular motion, this action will help drench and lift the hairs. Ensure to always use a clean sharp blade. A good blade is essential to a close, comfortable shave. Try: Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor. With your free hand, hold skin taut and glide the razor gently over. Avoid applying pressure, rinse your blade often, and shave with the grain. If you require a closer shave, re-apply oil and shave lightly against the grain.

Step 3: Repair and Protect.

After shaving, always close the pores by rinsing with cool water. Gently pat the face dry with a soft cloth and apply a toner or aftershave. Please stay away from products that contain alcohol, as they cause drying of the skin. What you want is to promote quicker healing and moisturize the skin.

There’s no magic secret to getting a great shave. Just follow these steps every time and you will Luv the results!

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