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3 Reasons Why You Need Collagen

  1. Slow Down Collagen Breakdown

As we age, collagen production diminishes. It’s estimated that by the time we hit our 40’s, the body has lost approximately 15% of its collagen production causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Pump the brakes on those wrinkles and focus on rebuilding collagen.

  1. Fight The Signs of Aging

Combat damaging free radicals, sun damage, scars, burns, dryness, and fight wrinkles, improve your skin’s texture and firmness to maintain youthful skin.

  1. Heal, Hydrate, & Nourish Your Skin

To stimulate and increase circulation, heals, repairs, and provides intensive moisture for glowing hydrated skin.

Avoid the breakdown of collagen, defy the signs of aging, heal, hydrate, and nourish your skin. Boost collagen production with these products that provide dramatic results.

Collagen Infusion Mask is an intensive collagen treatment with Pseudo Collagen; a plant derived (cruelty-free) collagen, and its amazing ability to retain water keeping skin hydrated longer while improving skin strength, elasticity, and suppleness. Combined with the healing powers of aloe to soothe and heal plus the benefits of nourishing plant oils; rosehip, avocado, and jojoba to provide intensive hydration and antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E to promote cellular repair.

Vitamin C+ Collagen Serum a highly stable form of Vitamin C combined with plant pseudocollagen, hyaluronic acid, orange and lemon extracts to fade brown spots, hydrate, brighten and leave skin plump and youthful!

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What Scary Ingredients Are In Your Skincare?

Parabens are a synthetic chemical used as a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria in cosmetic products. Sounds like its protecting you right?  Nope! Parabens possess estrogen-mimicking properties that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin and have been identified in breast cancer tumors.

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant foaming agent can be found in cleansing products. SLS’s are known to be skin, lung, and eye irritants. A major concern is its potential to interact and combine with other chemicals to form a carcinogen. These combinations can lead to a host of other issues like kidney and respiratory damage.

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Hydroquinone is a skin lightener that reduces dark blemishes. Hydroquinone reduces the melanin in your skin to get rid of those brown spots; it irritates your skin and permanently alters your pigment while also weakening the elastin and collagen in your problem area – the very things that are key to keeping your skin firm and youthful!

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Fragrance is perfume which has been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

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Post Summer Skin Renewal

Are you seeing sun damage? Does your skin feel dry, look leathery, are you seeing freckles, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles which are making you look older? Use these ingredients to brighten skin and restore hydrated youthful skin for the holidays!

Want beautiful bright skin? Here are the Natural Skin Brightening Ingredients You Need To Use!


Is a small shrub that has edible berries, the fruit Bears go beary berry bonkers over!  Bearberry is a powerful tonic for the body due to its antiseptic properties, making it excellent for the skin and has a whitening effect mild enough to lighten problem areas without over-bleaching.  In addition, it’s an excellent antioxidant that works to fight free radicals and works as a natural sunscreen source while increasing cell turnover.


An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial herb that prevents UVB induced pigmentation, and hinders the production of melanin. YUM!

Lemon and Orange

Are high in vitamin C, packed with antioxidants to fight off free radicals, contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, have anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Ferulic Acid

Is extracted from Rice Bran Oil and is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants, It has sun-protective benefits while enhancing the stability of topical applications of vitamin C. Sun Proofing!

Kojic Acid

An ingredient found in mushrooms, a by-product of the fermentation process used for wines like sake.  Kojic acid lessens the production of melanin.  Also, it’s an antioxidant which counteracts the free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the skin cells and contribute to aging of the skin; it’s an antibacterial which is recommended for addressing acne blemishes & other infections.

Luv Ya’s Brilliance Booster Serum is a super duper cocktail treatment serum with dynamic potent blend of Bearberry, licorice, Orange, Lemon, Ferulic acid, Kojic acid OMG! Yes all of them specifically for you to target sun damage and hyperpigmentation to get clearer, brighter, even toned healthy, youthful looking skin.

Layer with Luv Ya’s Vitamin C+ Collagen Serum  another potent anti-oxidant that inhibits melanin, protects cells from oxidation, is known to boost your levels of vitamin E, and encourages the production of skin collagen. Follow it with our versatile C Crème as a day or night cream to achieve bright glowing skin. Shop Now!