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Is Your Face Fit?

We all would rather avoid the signs of aging, especially in our face and neck. When we look our best, we naturally feel better about ourselves. Many of us in our 40’s or older, have had, or are considering to have facial surgeries, facial fillers and Botox.  These solutions to looking younger come with the downsides of complication, cost, downtime and allowing questionable substances into our body. More and more men and women are opting to exercise their face and neck as a naturally viable anti-aging facial alternative.

As we age, our face and neck muscles weaken and sag. Strategically placed fat pads that give our face fullness begin to disappear. Soon, a tired, drained and old look replaces the toned, lifted and firm look of our youth.  Just as a body builder can develop and sculpt specific muscles on their body, face and neck muscles can be firmed, lifted and sculpted with exercise . . .  effectively erasing years off our faces.

Face and neck muscles somehow have been “left out” of fitness programs and the beauty industry. Anatomy books have long instructed us that many of our face muscles attach directly to the skin, which allows us to express emotions. The anatomy books also state that our faci­­­­­­­­­al muscle fibers are the same as and respond exactly like the muscles in our body. This exciting fact means that as the muscles of the face and neck are firmed and toned, the skin that is attached to the muscles, firms and tones as well. Creating a natural youthful look!

A chief outcome of any training program in athletics is to reduce the risk of injury because the body becomes more elastic and of course also simply stronger. It seems unreasonable not to expect that the same sort of improved fitness is achieved with facial exercises. The only difference: instead of being able to run farther or do more chin-ups, the face has better “tone” and thus looks more vital. Where’s the problem with that?” Richard H. Tew, M.D., Harvard graduate, General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine.

Focused exercises engage all the muscle fibers of a muscle, allowing it to build. When making everyday facial expressions, only a portion of each individual muscle is used. Over time, the non-use of the rest of the muscle results in a loss of tone and atrophy. When muscle tone is lost, bone and connective tissue (collagen & elastin) are soon to follow. Flattening of the cheeks, hollowing of eye, facial folds and drapes are unmistakable signs of lost muscle and bone.

A well known medical law (Wolf’s Law) states that bone (in this case, around your eyes and brows, forehead, jaw line and mouth) grows and remodels in response to the stress put on it; the stress being full muscle engagement and tappotment. Regular facial exercise works the muscles to correct and counteract loss of muscle tone and bone loss.

As muscles build, firmer, larger muscles are in a more desirable position on the face. Then when new skin tissues (collagen & elastin) form the new tissues builds around the lifted muscles. A good face and neck exercise routine also promotes better skin quality due to faster skin cell turnover, more oxygen and nutrients reach the cells creating healthy, youthful skin!

Face Exercises work for both men and women who are seeing the signs of aging creeping in. Face and neck exercises are also preventative. By starting facial training before age 40, there is less change of developing the sags, bags and droopiness of middle age and beyond. A firmer, lifted face can happen for people 50, 60, 70. Results may take longer, but eventually, sags bags and wrinkles will diminish.

For those who have already had cosmetic surgery, injections or Botox, facial exercises are still a perfect alternative.   When skin on the face and neck continues to be lifted and stretched surgically, without a supple foundation for the skin to lie on, a frozen and brittle look can develop. Fat replacement and cosmetic fillers can been used by surgeons and aesthetic injectionists to provide a supple foundation, but, with the risks of unnatural placement, complications and the never ending need to “re-fill”.  Face and neck exercises work to build a natural supple foundation for skin to lay on, avoiding the frozen and stretched look repeated surgeries and injections can create.

The combination of exercises in a respectable face and neck program gives an elegant, sexy, sculpted build to the face. Because facial muscles are interconnected, spot exercising the face runs the risk of overbuilding in one area leaving key muscles to atrophy, and not support the overall upward lift that contributes to a firm, sculpted, lifted face and neck.

We’ve all listened to the myths of our mothers and grandmothers who warned us not to smile to widely or squint too much as wrinkles may form. This simply is not the complete truth. As we age and subject ourselves to poor eating habits and environmental toxins, our skin looses it vitality and resiliency. When making facial expressions as we live life and age, lost vitality of the skin enables wrinkles and lines to form. Facial exercises bring circulation and with it oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which enhances skin vitality.

 “…I can’t imagine any knowledgeable medical professional would doubt that the facial muscles would respond any differently to exercise than any other skeletal muscle. It’s refreshing to finally come across a facial training program that not only can improve muscle tone but also increase muscle mass. I believe these facial exercises as an adjunct to a healthy diet, nonsmoking life style, and daily sunscreen use, can slow down if not reverse that ‘normal’ aging process.” Jon L.W. Richards M.D Auburn, WA

Wrinkles and lines fade as the exercises are performed. The quality of skin improves as NEW revitalized, stronger skin cells replace old tired skin cells as they are layered over stronger, firmer, and lifted facial muscles. This is very true for the delicate eye area as well.   This is because just like in the body, exercise promotes faster skin cell turnover, increased oxygen and circulation. Internal nutrients from your healthy diet and external nutrients from quality, corrective serums and skin nutrition can reach skin cells creating healthy, youthful skin.

Obvious improvements can be seen and felt after two weeks of dedicated training. In another 3 months, a rested and firm look will begin to develop. Within 6-9 months it is possible to look 5-10 years younger than you were before.  That being said, results are also the result of the commitment towards consistent training. A lazy inconsistent effort will produce no results. A solid consistent effort with a complete program WILL produce incredible results.

The avenues to avoid the signs of facial aging are many. Medical interventions are costly with the potential for unwanted complications and questionable substances entering our body. Adopting a good face and neck exercise program, proper skin nutrition, an effective skincare regimen along with clean and healthy living habits is the best way to look and feel your best and ward off the signs of aging.


Grace Mosgeller is a licensed esthetician, massage therapist, spa owner, fitness fanatic and martial art black belt. She developed FaceFitnez, a complete face and neck exercise program to help her clients look younger without having to resort to invasive cosmetic procedures. FaceFitnez offers online face exercise classes for the general public, and instructor certifications for skin care, fitness and other interested professionals. Contact her 303-903-4936 or visit:



Skin word on cracked mud

S.O.S. Save Our Skin! Ingredients To Combat The Sun For Summer Skin Renewal

I’ve had women come to me in tears and embarrassed from the brutal sun damage her face
suffered during summer vacay and NOT using the right skincare regimen to fend off the sun.
I was looking at the aftermath. Brown spots and freckles formed, her skin was dry, and looked
leathery (she lost her glow), wrinkles were more pronounced making her look like she aged
drastically during her vacation. That’s the opposite of what you want to look like when you get
back from a vacay! And now we had to go into emergency triage mode!
So I’m sending out an S.O.S. Save Our Skin!

Here’s how YOU can Save Your Skin and protect from the terrible damage of the summer sun
&/or Renew skin post summer!

Do you know exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB accounts for 90% of skin aging?

  • Age spots/brown spots
  • Dry, rough, dull skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin


Here Are The Natural Skin Brightening Ingredients You Need To Use:

A small shrub that has edible berries, the fruit bears go beary, berry bonkers over! Bearberry is
a powerful tonic for the body due to its antiseptic properties, making it excellent for the skin and
has a whitening effect mild enough to lighten problem areas without over-bleaching. In addition,
it’s an excellent antioxidant that works to fight free radicals and works as a natural sunscreen
source while increasing cell turnover.

An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial herb that prevents UVB induced pigmentation,
and hinders the production of melanin. YUM!

Lemon and Orange
Both are high in vitamin C, packed with antioxidants to fight off free radicals, contains natural
alpha hydroxy acids, have anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Ferulic Acid
It is extracted from rice bran oil and is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants. It has sunprotective benefits while enhancing the stability of topical applications of vitamin C. Sunproofing!

Kojic acid
An ingredient found in mushrooms, a by-product of the fermentation process used for wines like
sake. Kojic acid lessens the production of melanin. Also, it’s an antioxidant which counteracts
the free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the skin cells and contribute to aging of the
skin; it’s an antibacterial which is recommended for addressing acne blemishes & other

Luv Ya’s Illuminating Kit is the perfect treatment kit to heal skin from the harsh effects of the
sun, diminish brown spots, brighten skin, hydrate, and restore youthful looking skin containing a
blend of Bearberry, Licorice, Orange, Lemon, Ferulic, and Kojic acid OMG! Yes, a blend of all of
these dynamic potent ingredients Plus much more ingredients to combat uneven skin tone,
blemishes, and aging skin in a complete regimen, specifically to target, prevent, and protect
from sun damage & hyperpigmentation obtaining a clearer, brighter, healthier, and youthful-looking skin.
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For a sun-shielding force field, layer with Luv Ya’s Vitamin C+ Collagen Serum another potent
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