Katia Sandoval

Katia, President of Luv Ya skincare, is a licensed skincare expert. She has worked in many upscale spas with a variety of products providing clients of every lifestyle, skin, & body type with the finest products & homecare regimens personalized for their unique skin needs to invigorate their well being allowing them to look & feel beautiful & igniting a great sense of inner & outer self satisfaction. She shares expert knowledge & skin-hugging advice for a powerful, proven difference in appearance & vitality. While attending university, Katia modeled to pay for her studies & graduated with a Bachelors in Business administration emphasis in Human Resources. After the birth of her son, as an ex-model & new mom, there were times she felt so beautiful & glamorous as well as times she felt quite the opposite. Often satisfying everyone else’s needs but her own, neglecting precious time to replenish her own self being. After some life changing events she took the plunge, went back to school, and obtained her skin therapist license. In trying to find the right products to address her needs and concerns and after realizing the ineffectiveness of products, false claims, chemicals, and low quality ingredients used leading up to no results Katia had an “a-ha” moment, Katia set on a course of making sure that women everywhere would never have to feel like their skins were betraying them. She learned that with the right product and homecare regimen you can look and feel beautiful igniting a great sense of self luv. Katia provides a product that is high in quality & result driven, while providing expert knowledge that makes a difference. “Let me be your skincare therapist. I’ll help you achieve healthy beautiful skin so you Luv the skin you’re in!” Call 786.445.3300 or email at info@luvyaskin.com to schedule your skin evaluation.

“My customers are my obsession! More than anything else, I care about helping them to luv their skin and self. In my world, a skincare regimen is an absolute necessity. A treatment serum is always a fabulous idea. Sun tanning is overrated and a definite NO. Fantasizing about chocolate is totally reasonable. Striving for healthy skin is a must and at the end of the day, LUV is all that really matters.”