"Luv Ya Skin You're In!"


We all know that the food we eat, the air we breathe and the products we use on our skin can have a major effect on our wellness. The struggle lies in trying to find the right products that are both safe and effective.


Luv Ya skincare supports you in feeling:


* Beautiful and confident in your skin


* Zero anxiety about the look and health of your skin


Do you want to achieve healthy, beautiful skin?


Luv Ya skincare is uniquely formulated to transform your skin, so you can “Luv Ya skin you’re in!”


You’re not alone in the quest to have healthy, beautiful skin, there are millions of people who greatly desire the same thing.


Finding solutions to deal with skin conditions is frustrating and too often that feeling is amplified by using harmful skincare solutions that in reality, are ineffective and contain harmful chemicals, all in the hope of changing your appearance.


The good news is that you can achieve HEALTHY, CLEAR, YOUTHFUL, VIBRANT, SEXY LOOKING SKIN and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do!


My name is Katia, I’m the licensed skincare expert for those who want to transform and luv their skin. For years I’ve helped a multitude of people transform and achieve the perfect skin they desire!


My vision and focus for skin is holistic; it’s focused on natural beauty supported by healthy products. As a skincare expert and based on my experience I wanted to formulate a line with natural, organic, highly effective, active ingredients. These products were designed to restore health and act as a multi-functioning, corrective and preventative tool while saving you time, money, addressing multi-skin concerns, and treating the skin on many different levels. All of this with the intention of achieving the most effective results to transform your skin.


Now it’s your turn to achieve that healthy, clear, vibrant, young and sexy skin you so deeply desire.


Are you ready to get the skin of your dreams?


* Let’s target your challenges and concerns

* Create a personalized regimen and routine

* Provide you with techniques, tips and routines that are guaranteed to achieve bring you the results you desire faster than you thought possible


Achieve the type of skin that people will envy and ask how you achieved! Let me help you, together we can create positive results. I’m offering you a FREE skin evaluation valued at $135 + Bonuses simply call me at (786) 445-3300


Let’s start the journey of transformation today so you can “Luv Ya Skin you’re in!”

Detox Makeup

I luv that you’re taking the steps necessary towards healthy, clear skin! You’ve made an excellent skin-changing decision to learn and trash what’s expired in order to begin your journey towards healthy, gorgeous skin!


Click here for your quick + easy checklist to go through your makeup in a Hot NY Minute and use my great expert tips to keep your skin healthy and gorgeous!

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Do you want to know how to combat and prevent age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, crows’ feet, dull, dry, and sagging  skin? Download this guide to achieve younger looking skin and prevent aging.